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Home Theatre

The other-worldly cinematic experience inside your home

“A visit to a cinema is a little outing in itself,” says Ivor Novello, a Welsh actor of the 20th century. Regenbogen brings the overall experience of visiting a cinema right into your home. The high-fidelity home theatre solutions from the France-based Focal give you an outstanding movie-watching experience. While the overall experience itself would be enthralling, the hand-made stereo speakers from Focal awakens sensations you’ve never experienced before.

Honouring the artists’ creations; revealing new sensations

It might not be an exaggeration to say that the home to high-fidelity acoustic solutions is France. It’s from where Focal, a world leader in sound technology enthralls global audience. Focal brings together innovation and tradition to develop sound equipment systems that reveal every nuance of the music with precision, elevating the emotions of the listeners.

Hand-made Stereo Speakers

Whether you’re a movie buff or a musical fan, discover the intricate nuances of compositions and sounds at their finest purity with Focal’s high-fidelity hand-made stereo speakers. With elegant design and exceptional acoustic systems, you’ll feel the intense joy of the medleys, bringing out the natural musicality in you.

Home Theatre

Enter the new era of home cinema where you, rather than watching, get immersed in the movies. Ours is a holistic home cinema solution, which includes excellent sound systems and lighting, along with the best technical support. Focal, the world leader in high-fidelity home theatre solutions gives your high-definition screen the sound it deserves, pulling you into the otherworldly cinematic experience.

Projection Screens

Choosing a projection screen is as important as choosing the sound system for a home theatre. While there are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a movie screen, we shoulder the responsibility to bring you the best screens from top brands like Elite Screens. They come with the perfect gain levels that give you the most desired brightness.


Elevate your love of music with amplifiers, which give a bold personality to your musical preferences. Our products are the yardstick of excellence in power amplification. They deliver high power to your audio equipment without disrupting the nuances of the sounds. Created by a world leader in acoustics, Focal, our amplifiers are compact, versatile, and power a range of speakers.


We help you bring the big screen into your home with the power of high-definition 4K projectors. The sharp image quality and the incredible detail attributes to the horizontal screen resolution of 4000 pixels. The high luminous flux of the projectors means you no longer need darker rooms to comfortably watch the movies. In addition, our products are wireless—they could be set up easily anywhere in the room and are compatible with your smart devices.

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