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Home Automation

Smart Home. Smarter You.

Today, the luxury of a modern home is not just defined by the way it was built or the level of comfort it gives but also how smart it is. Thanks to the evolution in technology, the notion of smartness has transcended to the homes that humans dwell. Regenbogen offers high-end home automation and smart home solutions, designed and developed by world-class brands. From smart controllers to smart touch panels to smart security, among others, we deploy intelligent systems that enhance and secure your living.

Simple and intuitive smart home solutions you can trust.

Smart Controllers

Gain control of all your smart appliances and equipment with just a tap of a button. A smart controller is the brain of your smart home, ensuring ease and security to the maximum level.

Smart Retrofit Modules

lluminate your home the way you wish with the smart retrofit modules offered by world-class brands. Smart lighting solutions don’t require any additional wiring and are operational with just a single touch.

Smart Touch Panels

The idea of smart home doesn’t complete without smart touch panels as they’re the objects of elegance and control. We have a range of smart touch panels in our collections that are resistant to heat, humidity, and shock.

Smart Security Solutions

Smart security solutions enable you to control all your locks from anywhere, any time. Integrated with a dedicated application, this secure system offers your 24/7 monitoring with a few easy taps.

Smart Curtain Motors

Give your privacy a touch of intelligence with smart curtain motors. Built with lithium battery, our smart curtain motors are easy to install and can’t be controlled with remote and voice.

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